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Hi, I'm Julie and I am the owner of Bee 4 Bras.

I found shopping for bras an absolute nightmare and it wasn't until I retrained as a Lingerie Consultant that I appreciated why. Like body types, we all have different shaped breasts and not all styles are suitable for you. If you are reading this I'm guessing you are one of the many women that find shopping for bras a struggle too. Let me take away that stress by having one of our Bespoke Lingerie Consultations. 

What to expect

We have a chat first about why you have asked for the appointment, this is so I can gauge your needs. I will then use a bra fit criteria to ascertain what will suit you. The process doesn't involve a tape measure, that's just a number at the end of the day. It's then trying on the choices available to you. You will be expected to undress to your current bra, so I suggest you wear a top that you can remove easily. If you are buying for an occasion, it is also a great idea to bring the outfit with you. I will need to manipulate the bra strap sliders, the straps and check the underband, but at no point will I need to touch your breasts. I am very discreet and especially with teens, I will make you aware at each step what I am doing. Your appointment will provide you with feedback on what styles are suitable and what to look for when trying on bras.
If you have any questions about a consultation, please get in touch. Our details can be found on the Contact us page.

Find your perfect fit and invest in your chest!